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   The bridge near Waterworks Park has been repaired!  A BIG thank you to L.S. Engineering in Greenville for their help with this project. 



This summer we had many surfaces resealed.  You can enjoy the new surface at Epley Rd. to Briggs Rd to Cannonsville Rd. to Wyman Rd

(McBride to N of Stanton)

AND Lake Rd to Ferris Rd to Miller Rd.

(Greenville to Sidney)

 We paid nearly $7000 per mile for reseal.  Please respect this surface!!

A BIG thank you to everyone who donates to our group with raffle sales, the annual banquet, and membership dues.  You all make trail improvements possible!  Thanks a ton!


Sorensen memorial
     A bike repair station in memory of Ron Sorensen was placed in McBride at a trail head of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Sorensen, who passed away in 2022, was a long-time community member who helped develop and maintain the Trail. Cyclists riding along the Trail may used the station for quick repairs.
     Ron became involved with the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail and played an important role in its early development. Ron designed and built all of the kiosks along the trail. He built a form of the logo and got permission to have it imprinted in the wet cement at the road crossings during some of the construction projects. He was involved in the development of the maintenance policy for the Friends of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail organization. He found and marked the Continental Watershed Divide on the Trail, near Neff Rd at Edmore. Sorensen spent hours volunteering on Trail projects and hours on his bike on the Trail, looking for things that needed attention.
     Ron’s impact on his community will be felt for years to come and this memorial will remind others of his impact.

Horton Bench Donation


On Christmas of 2022 Craig and Isabel Horton’s daughters Bianca, Kathy, Carol, Lori, and Trudi gave them a Trail bench, located east of the Vestaburg Depot. Craig and Isabel have been supporters and users of the Trail through Vestaburg from the beginning to the present. They enjoy the seasonal gifts of nature and the benefits of physical exercise while walking! Thank you to Craig and Isabel for their long-time support and to their girls and families for honoring them through the donation of this Trail bench.

Trail Events - Fred Meijer Heartland Trail

Any organization wishing to use the FMHT for an event must fill out the Application Form and send the FFMHT a copy of the insurance company that lists the FFMHT and the Mid West Michigan Trail Authority as covered entities.  Click on the links below to download the forms.


Please be aware that the FFMHT Board of Directors passed a resolution that no races will be allowed on the Trail.  The Trail is too narrow to safely accommodate racing and general use together.  Thank you for your understanding.

Mid-West Michigan Trail Authority:

Event Form

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