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Fred Meijer Heartland Trail

"A Safe Haven for Families, Away from Traffic" -  Fred Meijer

   The Friends of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail was organized in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) corporation.  Its goal was to establish a recreational trail in Montcalm and Gratiot Counties, using former railroad rights-of-way, to promote understanding through education on the advantages of such a trail, and to establish the 

programs to develop, maintain and operate such a trail.  Trail users would include bicyclists, in-line skaters, hikers, joggers, walkers, cross-country skiers, snow shoers and nature lovers.  No motorized vehicles would be allowed and effective barriers were proposed.  The Trail would be open from sunrise to sunset, year round.  


      We have continued this program since 1994.  Our Board of Directors, Officers, Members, and Contributors are all volunteers who feel strongly about the value of the FMHT to our communities.  Hundreds of hours are given by members and non-members alike to repair, plan, maintain, offer programs and mentor young people for the benefit of the FMHT.  We see the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail as an opportunity to provide a healthy and safe recreational outlet, close to homes, for families and individuals of all ages;  to forge new bonds between local communities;  to promote economic growth through tourism and related business opportunities;  to establish and sustain a natural corridor for wildlife and greenspace protection, and to enhance the quality of life in Montcalm and Gratiot Counties.


Click here to learn more about the FFMHT.

Trail Guidelines: 
Help us keep our trail safe!

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